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"Poetry is the window and prose an open door for meaningful conversations about real  life."

Joyce Stedelbauer is first and foremost a poet and even her prose reads like poetry! She shares this memoir of a journey many of us are forced to take. When one feels like "no one understands", those of us who have traveled it know it to be a hard road.  Joyce shares her thoughts and feelings in such a way that one knows that she does in fact understand. Joyce is a gifted Inspirational speaker, Bible study teacher, spirit filled mentor and friend!.  She knows her Bible and shares her faith in immeasurable ways.  Everything she writes from the women and men of the Bible, Christmas and Easter and two delightful children's books--each gives us a little jewel. Her words are truly a pearl of great price--not cost, but value!

The Reverend Dr. Kathleen V. Price

Interim Rector

Christ Episcopal Church

Smithfield, Virginia 

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A Chat With the Author About "Batteries Not Included"

Other Titles by Joyce Stedelbauer
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