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  • Joyce Carr Stedelbauer

Happy Thanksliving!

Imagine the surprise of the congregation when they opened their November bulletin and read of THANKSLIVING services. That typo clicked with many families who are determined to give thanks for the blessings of our daily living.

But some years it is harder than others. For those of us who have recently lost the presence of our loved ones I wonder how you will remember them? I hope you speak of them freely, what was Dad’s favorite part of the feast, the stuffing or the cranberries? Our son has assumed the responsibility of roasting a magnificent turkey on the Weber. His Dad taught him how.

THANKSLIVING is the goal in spite of still dealing with covid, it’s variant and questions about vaccines. Heated debates in every arena. But we are still rich in blessings and I wrote about many of them in the new book from High Tide PUBLISHERS, A NEW WIDOW LEARNS, BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. It would make a great gift for someone who is blue in this golden autumn.

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