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  • Joyce Carr Stedelbauer


It’s Hot! Hot! Hot! Have you read “A New Widow Learns Batteries Not Included, Some Assembly required? From High Tide Publishing, that’s Cool!

A reader in Washington state wrote “I bought my first can of Pringles, and I‘m trying to memorize 26 alphabet Bible verses, and drinking Spritzers.” That’s Cool!

Another said her husband read Batteries to her in the evenings and she wanted to know when she could order more for her friends. That’s Cool!

Two widows who don’t know each other in the same town in Indiana each received a Battery gift from a Williamsburg friend and now have each other’s phone numbers! I wonder if they will become friends? That’s Cool!

Another local widow wrote to her friend, “ I have just read the first 20 pages and I love it! I think Joyce wrote it for me” That’s Cool!

A Canadian recipient wrote, “This book is so true to life, I wept and I laughed, that’s really the way it is.” That’s Cool!

I hope you get a copy or two while it is so HOT!

Love and prayers, Joyce

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