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My New Book Is Here!!!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

News alert: HIGH TIDE COMING! Batteries Not Included! Jeanne Johansen and her talented crew at High Tide Publications have launched my new book! The title? A New Widow Learns, Batteries Not Included, Some Assembly Required!

Come aboard and bring your friends who need encouragement and some fresh wind in their sails! You can laugh at me, thinking “I would never do that,” or share my trials and tears as I listen to old love songs and reminisce with poetry and prose about some of the places we went, always hand-in-hand.

When my husband moved to heaven without me recently, I was challenged to write about how I was feeling and what my “new normal” was like without the love of my life.

The last time I set sail with HIGH TIDE was to introduce The Awesome Animals Alphabet Party and The Angels’ Birthday Celebration. Those were such wonderful cruises that I have come back in hope of providing comfort and counseling for others who are living a new and different life alone.

Today is Memorial Day 2021. I am on my way to church to praise God. Lord, I worship You.

You can find all of my books on


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