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The Awesome Alphabet Animal's Party

ISBN-13 : 978-1945990120


In In 2001, a class of second graders illustrated a book written by Joyce Carr Stedelbauer. The teacher had each illustrator look up an animal book and draw a picture to represent what they had learned. The result is the charming book The Awesome Alphabet Animal's Party. In 2018, Joyce presented the story to us at High Tide Publications. We love it! The result is the book we offer today. In a world where children are overwhelmed by fancy drawings, video games, and television animation, we believed in this book as it offers a window into the imagination of kids. Drawn from the minds of seven-year-olds, it is a wonderful example of the relationship between kids and art.


Praise for The Awesome Alphabet Animal's Party:


"Combine the crisp, precise wit of Joyce Stedelbauer's poetry with the comical illustrations of second graders and you have a book that will amuse and delight children of all ages. This book goes far beyond teaching the ABC's and will bring chuckles to all generations. Interactive questions and answers at the end provide a valuable educational bonus."

Mary Allcott Beach Elementary teacher Trinity Lutheran School Newport News Va.


"Fresh and charming, this child illustrated alphabet adventure includes extension questions to spark creativity. A treat to read and discuss with some unusual animals and birds coming to the party."

Jane Shemin K---8 children's librarian Westchester Country New York


"This alphabet book captured my imagination as its characters danced to rhyme and alliteration at a party to which I was invited. As a teacher, I would buy it in a heartbeat." Dianne Kinnaird Apple Valley U.S.D. Apple Valley, CA

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